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A Novel Idea – Part II


An Animated and automated werewolf sculpture I designed and fabricated.

(Continued from Part I) I started out in A Novel Idea Part I telling part of my story about where I came from. Now I will share with you where I am going.

My novel idea is unique. It should be scary. Few would do it, let alone consider it. For many, their next move is finding that next company to to work for. To me that is equally scary! I on the other hand have had it in my mind for several years to start my own business.  Actually I have been a part time small business owner for a couple years. I have been laid off before and I have run my own business in the past. I know what it like to be my own boss. It is very hard work, but it is also extremely rewarding. I know what I am capable of and I know my limitations.  So over the last several years I have been working hard to brand myself.  I think it has paid off. If you Google me, there I am, right on top of the searches. I have primarily branded myself as a photographer. However I am also a painter, illustrator, and sculptor, and etc. I do wear a lot of hats. I like being versatile. Though the world seems to have a hard time grasping a person with so many hats. Therefore for the moment I am Paul W. Koester the photographer. I do love photography. I always have since I was a young boy and I would expect that I always will. No matter what, it ties in with everything I do.  For me photography is ever evolving. It has taken me to new levels and has helped me conquer many of my fears. Through photography I have met some amazing people and have been part of some amazing events!

Koester Productions is my official business name, it encompasses all the various aspects of what I am capable of offering. Not just Paul W. Koester Photography, but also Paul W. Koester the engineer.  I have also tied Artist Perspective to my name and website. Some feel that I get buried in that name. I totally see their view and at times I feel that I should have done that differently. I guess I wanted something that spoke to me about me being an artist and my perspective on the world.


The setting sun under the Ocean Beach Pier.

Ultimately my end goal is to create for Hollywood or private entities. To provide them with one of a kind sculptures or props. Due to my background in sculpture, metal work, carpentry, welding, electronics, instrumentation, and programming. I get to combine all of those skill sets with my creations to make them not only one-of-a-kind but also animated and automated. To create and challenge my mind this way is the ultimate fun!!  I would do these things for free, this is my passion. However we live in a world where we must make money to survive and very little is free. My supplies are not free, it can be very expensive being a creative person, but I don’t dwell on that very much.

I feel pretty fortunate to be where I am right now. I know that might come across as sounding a little weird coming from a guy who was recently laid off. What I mean by that though is a lot of really good things have come my way in the last year or so. One very significant event occurred early in 2013. I was discovered by Rick Pantele via my facebook page who ran the Incredible Artist art gallery in Cathedral City, California. He was very interested in a few of my images. We ended up creating a huge 9′ x 4′ diptych of  All The Right Reasons (see photo on right) which is hanging predominantly in Pasadena, California at the Kaiser Permanente corporate office inside their main lunch/conference room. After that job was complete, we created a few more images for the gallery. I sold several pieces through the gallery and via online sales. Rick knows my situation well and as I write this we are working together on several very exciting business opportunities.


All The Right Reasons hanging in the Kaiser Permanente office in Pasadena, California.

Earlier this year I met Matthew Shuey on Google+ and was introduced to the new business he and Theresa Puerto were starting involving stock photography. I had been very interested in doing stock photography and was looking for an entry point. I enjoy dealing with start-up companies. I like being on the ground floor of a company and growing as the company grows.  Matthew and Theresa started Gen StockPhoto as a result of seeing a need in their web design business. They discovered that there is a huge deficit for quality stock images. Then they also took notice to the fact that many stock image agencies do not respect their contributors, primarily the photographers who work very hard and often spend a lot of money in order to create the image. Gen StockPhoto pays out a whopping unheard of 70% of the license fee, additionally they give 100% of the fee for commissioned assignments to the photographer. I am pleased and excited to be a part of this business, which I believe is going to be a very fun adventure! It is already growing quickly and is already home to many talented photographers.

There are many things that I am working on at this time. All of which will evolve and develop and become something very fun and cool. Many of you are looking out for me and sharing ideas and send me links or contacts. Keep them coming!! I am very grateful for all that you do and appreciate the fact you care and want me to succeed!!

As you create your very own personal novel idea. It starts with believing in yourself. You must believe when no one else will. Then just do, don’t look back, continue pushing forward, just create, express yourself, and do not be afraid!

2014 Comic-Con International


One of the many witches representing the Lifetime television series the Witches of East End.

For the past two year’s I have gone to downtown San Diego, California to the Gaslamp Quarter and convention center area to photograph the events happening outside the convention center. Though the inside is packedfull of fun and excitement. It is the outside, the people, the fans, the cosplay that make it all truly exciting!!! Without the fans there is no Comic-Con. The fans go all out, limited budgets, pure talent and creativity with no bigmoney backing them up. Don’t get me wrong I love the hype, the celebrities, the fame, and the insanity that Hollywood brings to the table!! However as an artist I know what it takes to bring something to fruition on myown. It’s part of the joy of it all. Being able to say I did this, and then showing it off. Then when the nods of approval come along, the blood, sweat, and the frazzled nerves make it all worth while. Most can probably relate to this. The hours, the tears, the frustration, the doubt all seem to be non-existent when the product rolls out and there are the applauds. Maybe not literal audible applauds but you know what I mean. It makes it all worth it!!


A man’s face is burnt to a crisp at Comic-Con in San Diego, California.

The camera allows me to do things I otherwise would not be able to do. I love it!! When I ask if I can take someone’s picture, instantaneously almost 99% of the time the person is more than willing. They love being photographed. Typically I don’t even need to ask, I just raise my camera and here come the smiles and the poses. The fans, the cosplayers make that part easy.

It is still a lot of work, walking around, looking, waiting for that right thing to come along. Then there is the editing portion. The editing portion is the most tedious, but at the same time the most rewarding part of the process. Though I shoot digital and I have the luxury of looking at every shot the moment I take it. I don’t. I wait until post-processing. It’s that part of film processing that I have hung onto. Waiting to open that envelope, hoping the images turned out!! Many hours are spent processing. Some images are quick others can take an hour or more. I took 650 images at Comic-Con and out of those I have shared 150 publicly. An average of 4 minutes was spent on each image. That is about 10 hours!! It gets tedious sometimes. However the end result is always worth it.


Darth Vader takes time out of his busy day to visit San Diego.

To watch a video containing the images from the event click here 2014 Comic-Con International video.  To view the images in an album format click here 2o14 Comic-Con International photo album


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