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All The Right Reasons

This is the story about how my photo “All The Right Reasons” made it’s way to Kaiser Permanente in Pasadena, CA.


It all began when earlier in the year this guy by the name of Citizen Rick messages me on Facebook. By nature I am a skeptic so I sit on it for awhile. Of course I am curious. I checked out the websites and they seemed to be very legit. I took the liberty of perusing Facebook for Citizen Rick. Very involved guy; charities, art, artists, etc. etc. etc. and etc.!! So I figured he is as safe as anyone.

After a few attempts we finally connect. Right out of the gate Rick was as animated as they get, we talked for a long time, well he talked mostly. He went on to talk about some of the photos of mine he had found on Facebook and had shown some of his clients for a Kaiser Permanente project that he was working on in Pasadena, CA. He was telling me things like “These people are going crazy over these photos!” maybe not in those exact words but he was clear that they liked them a lot.

Never-the-less my good ol’ doubts and suspicions kick in. Sure it all sounded really good but we’ll just have to see won’t we? Yes, I have been burned in the past. Burned bad…so now I am very cautious. I am a firm believer of getting it all in writing! Actually this should be a must for everyone, no matter who the person is you are doing business with, this is muy importante! I wanted to be a believer from the beginning, but my mind said no. I shared the information with my wife, her eyes got big and the excitement was hard for her to hide. I wanted to be excited with her but I couldn’t…not yet anyhow.

pantry2 mockup (1)

Weeks passed, more phone calls. Then one day this mock up shows up in my email. WOW! Maybe just maybe this is really going to happen! My trust factor in Rick increased substantially. However I still did not want to get my hopes up too much. Decisions at the corporate level still had to be made. Something tells me Rick has a way with getting things done!

After a bit of paperwork in March 2013 it finally became official. The printer received the purchase order and I sent over the image file. We met on March 22 and I got to watch my print roll off the press.


Yes, it really does roll off HOT! This is one GINORMOUS image in two pieces called a diptych. A gicleé print on canvas The overall dimensions are 9′ L x 3.5′ W… very big! and it came out perfect. WHEWY!!! This is the first time I had printed something this big. I was worried about the image quality, grain, noise etc. The truth is I was worried about EVERYTHING! I mean here we are at the moment of truth, we are really doing this. Now it just comes down to me and how well my photo is going to look when printed. It is one thing to print something as big as 4′ long, but at 9′ and beyond everything is magnified significantly and the minutest details show up. I am happy to say doing this project gives me considerable confidence when it comes to doing future projects.


A couple days later the image was stretched and ready for signing.I met Rick for the first time at the printer. My first photo stretched and ready to hang, too cool! Something I will never forget. I signed it with a golden Sharpie and for a moment I felt like someone important, it felt good. “Don’t mess it up Paul! Don’t mess it up” I thought to myself. Signed…no problem. Then like a whirl wind it was whisked away and Rick rode off to Palm Springs into the darkness (the sun was already down and besides he went east).


Later in the week Rick and a couple other artists went to Pasadena and hung my photo and other art pieces throughout the building. This is a very cool moment…reality…but will they like it??!!!


Seen in this photo are two photographers, myself and Terry Hastings. The other awesome peoples in the photo are the architect and executives at Kaiser. So happy they enjoyed my work! Thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen, especially to Rick Pantele for everything!!

From an idea, to a mock up, to reality… this is evidence that if you believe in yourself and trust your instincts about your abilities everything else will fall into place. It seldom occurs over night. Over night success stories often take place over the course of years. Lots of behind the scenes work, countless hours, dedication, desire and patience takes place before any signs of  fruit begin to appear. When it does happen it will happen for All The Right Reasons!!!

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