2014 Comic-Con International


One of the many witches representing the Lifetime television series the Witches of East End.

For the past two year’s I have gone to downtown San Diego, California to the Gaslamp Quarter and convention center area to photograph the events happening outside the convention center. Though the inside is packedfull of fun and excitement. It is the outside, the people, the fans, the cosplay that make it all truly exciting!!! Without the fans there is no Comic-Con. The fans go all out, limited budgets, pure talent and creativity with no bigmoney backing them up. Don’t get me wrong I love the hype, the celebrities, the fame, and the insanity that Hollywood brings to the table!! However as an artist I know what it takes to bring something to fruition on myown. It’s part of the joy of it all. Being able to say I did this, and then showing it off. Then when the nods of approval come along, the blood, sweat, and the frazzled nerves make it all worth while. Most can probably relate to this. The hours, the tears, the frustration, the doubt all seem to be non-existent when the product rolls out and there are the applauds. Maybe not literal audible applauds but you know what I mean. It makes it all worth it!!


A man’s face is burnt to a crisp at Comic-Con in San Diego, California.

The camera allows me to do things I otherwise would not be able to do. I love it!! When I ask if I can take someone’s picture, instantaneously almost 99% of the time the person is more than willing. They love being photographed. Typically I don’t even need to ask, I just raise my camera and here come the smiles and the poses. The fans, the cosplayers make that part easy.

It is still a lot of work, walking around, looking, waiting for that right thing to come along. Then there is the editing portion. The editing portion is the most tedious, but at the same time the most rewarding part of the process. Though I shoot digital and I have the luxury of looking at every shot the moment I take it. I don’t. I wait until post-processing. It’s that part of film processing that I have hung onto. Waiting to open that envelope, hoping the images turned out!! Many hours are spent processing. Some images are quick others can take an hour or more. I took 650 images at Comic-Con and out of those I have shared 150 publicly. An average of 4 minutes was spent on each image. That is about 10 hours!! It gets tedious sometimes. However the end result is always worth it.


Darth Vader takes time out of his busy day to visit San Diego.

To watch a video containing the images from the event click here 2014 Comic-Con International video.  To view the images in an album format click here 2o14 Comic-Con International photo album


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  1. Kelly Richards says:

    Great video Paul!!! The song pairing is perfect, I totally felt like I was there. All the images are fantastic!! My favorite image is the witch above. :))

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